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I checked the tone and the 2x was checked. I turned it off and then tried a FT4 contact and it worked fine. Then tried calling several stations on FT8. NO luck. I'm going to install WSJT-x on my laptop and see what happens. 73, NC4MI

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do you have the 2 tone thing turned on ie.tone spacing in settings may be set to 4?

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He has left out the most important info and that is the complete setup
including the radio and how it is connected to the PC.
Also what are the menu settings in the radio and settings for the audio
settings in the PC.

Bruce  N7XGR

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Are you over-driving the transmitter, changed a setting or something?


73 Phil GM3ZZA


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An update on the problem with FT8. I uninstalled the program and checked to make sure there wasn't any hidden files. Restarted the computer and reinstalled the program. Still have the same problem. PLEASE someone help. I work a lot of DX that use FT8. Thanks es 73 NC4MI




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Subject: [WSJTX] FT8 quit working #ft8

FT8 quit making contacts. It decodes fine, but when I attempt to make a contact I get no answer. I got an email from some one that said my signal didn't sound right. I monitored my signal while attempting to make another contact and it sounds like a FT4 signal. I have been making a lot of contacts on FT4 with no problems. The FT8 audio sounds like it has a slight warble to it. I did switch modes before I tried FT8. 73, NC4MI


73 Phil GM3ZZA

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