locked Re: Station already worked, clarification


You antivirus program is WRONG ... it is triggering as a 'generic' which most due when the program does not have a large user base, as most ham radio applications don't.

Hundreds of people have downloaded the program and have not had a problem.  If you download JT-Alert directly from the hamapps.com website, you WILL NOT have a problem with malware/viruses no matter what your antivirus says.

My antivirus (AVG) will stop installation, then perform a 15 second scan of new JT-Alert files, then will allow the installation.     If your program just dismisses the download without doing such a check, you should get a different antivirus program.

Neil, KN3ILZ

On 2/27/2020 7:16 AM, Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB) wrote:
I do not use JTalert, there is a problem with their downloads according to my anti virus program. I looked and it would bridge between WSJT-X and my logger, but not worth the risk. This is when I looked last, anyway. 
Ryan, KC0QNB, DN90WW. Gothenburg, NE


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