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Hi Bruce: Thanks for the info. I already had most of the settings as you suggested. I did refine some of them, but no help. Yes I have decodes on all the freq's that I operate on. The thing that confuses me, is why does FT4 works fine with the same settings and not FT8? Everything was fine up until about a week ago. I wrote down all of the settings that I had been using before I tried the reinstall. I think I will go thru all of my files on the computer and see if there is anything that might be old FT8 files and if I find any I'll remove them and do another reinstall. My last resort is to put WSJT-x 2.1.2 on my laptop and see what happens. If it works on the laptop then of course I'll use it for FT8 and see how that works out. TNX for the suggestions. 73, NC4MI


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Do you have rig control to the 756?  If you are on 7074 USB-D and select FT8 mode
do you have decodes?  Is the Blaster connected to the mic jack?
For TX audio you have 4 points for levels, the Pwr slider in WSJT-X, the slider in
the Speakers sound card, the Level pot on the back of the Plus and the mic gain.
All 4 will interact with each other.  First set the power out in the 756 to MAX,
set the Pwr slider in WSJT-X to MAX, set the Speakers level slider about halfway,
set the level pot on the Plus to MAX, set the mic gain to about one third.
Turn off compression, set the bass/treble to 0/0.  Put the TX cursor on the
waterfall to about 1200 Hz, open the Speakers properties to the Levels tab and
move that window for no overlap of WSJT-X.  TX into a dummy load and observe
the power out on the 756 meter, if you have 100 watts then fine, next switch the
meter to the ALC scale, lower the Speaker Levels slider for a ZERO ALC reading.
If unable to achieve this reading then reset the Levels slider back to halfway.
Rotate the Level pot on the Plus to about three quarters turn. TX again and
adjust the Speakers Level slider for a ZERO ALC reading, repeat as many times
necessary between the Level pot on the Plus and the Speakers Level
until you have a ZERO reading.
Once done then all you need to do is to lower the Pwr slider in WSJT-X
to then have about 30 watts.  This procedure will work on other modes
like in FLdigi because you have set everything up for a ZERO ALC reading
for a mode like PSK31 so no further TX level adjustment is necessary.
The problem with using the mic jack for TX audio is that when you switch
from WSJT-X to regular SSB you might need to adjust the mic gain to a
different setting thus the need to recheck the ALC reading using WSJT-X.
You can preadjust the mic gain for regular SSB and leave it there for
WSJT-X modes, after that you can not touch it.
I made an adapter from my Rigblaster Advantage to plug into the 8 pin DIN
jack thus freeing up the mic jack, extra jumpers inside was needed.
I now have other Icoms with USB so the Blaster is no longer needed.

Bruce  N7XGR

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 3:39 PM Bill <nc4mi@...> wrote:
Sorry. I'm running a IC-756 PRO 2. I have a RIG blaster Plus. As stated below everything was working correctly before this happened. I have not changed anything. FT4 works fine. I worked a few stations on FT4 this morning and got good reports. If  FT4 works. Why doesn't FT8?


From: "Bruce N7XGR"
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He has left out the most important info and that is the complete setup
including the radio and how it is connected to the PC.
Also what are the menu settings in the radio and settings for the audio
settings in the PC.

Bruce  N7XGR

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 12:03 PM Philip Rose via Groups.Io <pvrose=btinternet.com@groups.io> wrote:



Are you over-driving the transmitter, changed a setting or something?


73 Phil GM3ZZA


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An update on the problem with FT8. I uninstalled the program and checked to make sure there wasn't any hidden files. Restarted the computer and reinstalled the program. Still have the same problem. PLEASE someone help. I work a lot of DX that use FT8. Thanks es 73 NC4MI




From: "Bill"
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Sent: Tuesday February 25 2020 1:36:14PM
Subject: [WSJTX] FT8 quit working #ft8

FT8 quit making contacts. It decodes fine, but when I attempt to make a contact I get no answer. I got an email from some one that said my signal didn't sound right. I monitored my signal while attempting to make another contact and it sounds like a FT4 signal. I have been making a lot of contacts on FT4 with no problems. The FT8 audio sounds like it has a slight warble to it. I did switch modes before I tried FT8. 73, NC4MI


73 Phil GM3ZZA

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