Locked Re: FT8 quit working #FT8


Additional info; Radio settings. Rig: none, PTT: RTS: checked, Poll: Inter: 1s,  Com Port:3.  Audio Input: mono, Speakers: mono. I run about 35-40 watts. on FT8 and on FT4-30 watts. The system has been setup like this for over a year and worked great. TNX es 73, NC4MI


From: "Bill"
To: WSJTX@groups.io
Sent: Tuesday February 25 2020 1:36:14PM
Subject: [WSJTX] FT8 quit working #ft8

FT8 quit making contacts. It decodes fine, but when I attempt to make a contact I get no answer. I got an email from some one that said my signal didn't sound right. I monitored my signal while attempting to make another contact and it sounds like a FT4 signal. I have been making a lot of contacts on FT4 with no problems. The FT8 audio sounds like it has a slight warble to it. I did switch modes before I tried FT8. 73, NC4MI

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