locked Re: Working DX Stations

Irwin Darack

Thanks to everyone for their help.

Irwin KD3TB 

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 11:39 PM Jim Cooper <jim.w2jc@...> wrote:
On 26 Feb 2020 at 21:20, Irwin Darack wrote:

> Today I attempted to work the  VP8PJ
> station on 14.090. I am pretty good at
> FT8, but totally confused on the
> protocol. In the Decode box I see all
> the stations calling, but do not see
> the VP8PJ responding or calling.
> Any suggestions where to look would be appreciated.

The fox will always be BELOW 1000 Hz, and
callers have to be above 1000 Hz ...

At least at my QTH, VP8PJ is always quite week ...
I never saw them stronger than about -11 db ...

They can use anywhere from one to five channels,
and their signal goes down a lot when they use
more than one channel (notice, they always call CQ
using one channel !!)

If you don't copy the fox between about 250 Hz
and 650 Hz then you are probably not receiving
them, in which case there is no point in calling them.

fwiw, I spent all afternoon and most of the early
evening Wednesday getting DECENT copy on VP8PJ
but was never able to get even a first response from 
them ...  I guess 40 watts to a hex beam just
ain't makin' it !!


Irwin KD3TB

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