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From the FT8_DXpedition mode.pdf document: "You will need to re-activate Enable Tx (or hit Enter on the keyboard) at least once every two minutes. (This restriction is to ensure that an operator is present and paying attention.)"

Rich VE3KI

On Thu, Feb 27, 2020 at 01:42 AM, kd6ww wrote:
I am not sure your question was answered.
I see the same thing when calling in the current version but not a prior version.  it may be an unfixed bug.   I just reclick enable.
The fox will transmit on multiple frequencies in the 300-600 range.   Just click on him once and it does not matter which of the frequencies he transmits on.  If you are called, you frequency will shift to match the proper one for him.   Make sure that your initially calling frequency is greater than 1000 or he will not see you.   I usually aim for about 1200.
73 Bruce

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Subject: [WSJTX] F&H question
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2020 08:53:35 -0800

I am new to using fox and hound. I was trying it out yesterday. In hound mode, WSJT-X would transmit the TX1 message a few times and then stop. Is that normal? Should I just enable transmit again?

I also noticed that fox was changing frequency. What would be the best way to adjust so that the RX Frequency window will show what he is doing? Normally I would just double click on one of his calls, but I am not sure if that creates problems in fox and hound mode.

John, WØZI

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