locked Re: Clarification for Hound Mode

Jim Cooper

On 26 Feb 2020 at 15:38, reg williams wrote:

> I see many stations being worked by
> VP8PJ in the band activity column but
> as of yet I have not seen the
> operator calling cq. I guess this is
> because his signal is to weak at my
> qth, which, at the moment I cannot
> detect any signal in his portion of
> the band 200Hz - 1000Hz, so until his
> signal is strong enough with me I will
> not get that cq call for me to
> respond and be able to join the crowd
> to work him. Just some clarification
> please to see if I am interpreting
> the situation correctly. Reg

You are basically correct !!

At my QTH (NNJ) their signal has always
been weak to nil ... the highest I recall seeing
was about a -8db for short times. Most of the
time it is -12 to -18 !!

They do not call CQ very often; I suppose they
figure everyone knows who and where they are.

One thing I have noted is that when they do call CQ,
they usually do it with ONE CHANNEL, so that all
their power goes into the one channel and it is the
strongest you will hear them.

You DO NOT have to wait for them to call CQ, however;
just type the call into the "DX Call" window and then
click on "Generate Std Msgs" on the right side. All
your Tx formats will be set and you are ready to start
the frustrating mission of calling and calling and calling!!

I was lucky last night to catch them on 7.056 shortly
after they started there, so the crowd was very small
and the actually heard me !!

btw, when I work a station as special as they are,
I ALWAYS stop the "Monitor" (stop the scrolling) and
take a screen shot .jpg or .png GRAPHIC file of the
RR73 line !!   Especially when they say that any questions
about 'not in log' will not be resolved until long after the
DXpedition ends ...  it does not good to save the .log file,
or the .adi file, or even the ALL.TXT file -- because they
can all be changed with a text editor.  But a graphic screen
shot is much harder to modify convincingly!  (I have had a
couple of occaisons where the QSL Manager for a group
has accepted the screen shot as proof of the QSO.)

Good luck chasing VP8PJ ...  you still have a few days.

Jim  W2JC


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