locked Re: Clarification for Hound Mode

Reino Talarmo

Hi Reg,
Most important is that you see Fox transmissions. Secondly you answering CQ is best, but you may as well call Fox as soon as you see a RR73 to somebody and no additional report to somebody else. Or just call Fox, but you need to decode his transmission; the first rule.
Good luck!
73, Reino oh3mA

I have used WSJT-X for some months now and have enjoyed using it. I have never used the fox/hound mode, so this is my first use of it, to try and work VP8PJ ft8 mode. I have set up hound mode correctly for the software and radio settings and will be transmitting higher up from 1000Hz. The radio is set for split operation. My best band for monitoring appears to be 40m so I have been listening very late at night for some hours. I see many stations being worked by VP8PJ in the band activity column but as of yet I have not seen the operator calling cq. I guess this is because his signal is to weak at my qth, which, at the moment I cannot detect any signal in his portion of the band 200Hz - 1000Hz, so until his signal is strong enough with me I will not get that cq call for me to respond and be able to join the crowd to work him. Just some clarification please to see if I am interpreting the situation correctly.

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