locked Re: Station already worked, clarification

Herb Blue - WB8ASI

See attached.  Do you use JTAlert?  It's great.  I let JTAlert do the coloring in conjunction with WSJTX.  Green for new CQ.  Grayed out for Worked B4.  Red to LOTW.  Works great for me.  73, Herb WB8ASI

On February 26, 2020 at 4:37 PM "Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB)" <rt83021@...> wrote:

I have the show DXCC, grid and worked before status checked, I have seen callsigns show up that I know that I have worked, before, what differentiates worked before status from a standard green CQ line? I'm a newbie, but it would make sense to make a worked before. I don't see an option in the Decode Highlighting dialog, to do that. I am looking at the manual this very minute, but not finding what i am looking for.

Ryan, KC0QNB, DN90WW. Gothenburg, NE


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