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Hank Garretson

Thanks Steve.

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On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 3:10 PM Steven Weeks via Groups.Io <swweeks=yahoo.com@groups.io> wrote:
"I've searched documentation and have found nothing on Alternate F1-F6 bindings. I can select it under Settings/General, but what does it do. How does one use it in various situations?"
I had the same problem but finally found this in another document describing FT4 on the website:

For keyboard control of transmitted messages, check the box Alternate F1–F6 bindings on the Settings | General tab. In typical contest-style operation you can then hit function key F1 to solicit a QSO by sending CQ. To respond to a CQ and send your

contest exchange, double-click on the decoded message. Alternatively, you can click on Best S+P and let the selection algorithm choose a station to call. Auto Seq and Call 1st checkboxes behave as in FT8, and thus the remainder of a minimal QSO can

continue without further operator action. Function keys F2F5 may be used to send messages displayed in entry fields for Tx2 – Tx5 on tab 1, at bottom right of the main window. Function key F6 toggles the checked status of Call 1st, and key combination


can be used to toggle the armed status of Best S+P.


73, Steve AA8SW

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