locked Re: Working DX Stations

George J Molnar, KF2T

First ensure you are in Fox/Hound mode.

The Fox (DX Station) will ALWAYS transmit first/even. If you don’t hear him, don’t call.

You must call above above 1000 Hz and have CAT control set up. When the DX responds to you, you will be shifted out of the pileup to a working frequency to complete the QSO.

Watchdog times are much shorter.

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On Feb 26, 2020, at 9:20 PM, Irwin Darack <idarack@...> wrote:

Today I attempted to work the  VP8PJ station on 14.090. I am pretty good at FT8, but totally confused on the protocol. In the Decode box I see all the stations calling, but do not see the VP8PJ responding or calling.

Any suggestions where to look would be appreciated.

Thanks, Irwin KD3TB 
Irwin KD3TB

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