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Gilbert Baron

It would be helpful if all of these built in codes were documented clearly. Maybe they are and I missed it.. While working for FT8 WAS I tried such as CQ ND WY  or CQ NE ND SD  or other things like that but some did not work As were too many characters.


FT8 is really great for increasing contact count and entity count but the 13 character limit is often very frustrating. For instance I would at times like to send a thank you or some short message with the final  73.


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I'm fairly sure that ASIA, DEL,  and so on will work with the most recent versions of WSJT-X.


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For example, you could edit the Tx6 message so that it reads 'CQ ASIA KC0QNB <yourgrid>' or, to call North Dakota, 'CQ ND KC0QNB <yourgrid>’.
Too many characters.  That’s why CQ AS……  works better.  AS and others are “built-in” to the program and are recognized and dealt with.
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