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Steven Weeks <swweeks@...>

"I've searched documentation and have found nothing on Alternate F1-F6 bindings. I can select it under Settings/General, but what does it do. How does one use it in various situations?"
I had the same problem but finally found this in another document describing FT4 on the website:

For keyboard control of transmitted messages, check the box Alternate F1–F6 bindings on the Settings | General tab. In typical contest-style operation you can then hit function key F1 to solicit a QSO by sending CQ. To respond to a CQ and send your

contest exchange, double-click on the decoded message. Alternatively, you can click on Best S+P and let the selection algorithm choose a station to call. Auto Seq and Call 1st checkboxes behave as in FT8, and thus the remainder of a minimal QSO can

continue without further operator action. Function keys F2F5 may be used to send messages displayed in entry fields for Tx2 – Tx5 on tab 1, at bottom right of the main window. Function key F6 toggles the checked status of Call 1st, and key combination

Alt+B can be used to toggle the armed status of Best S+P.


73, Steve AA8SW

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