locked Re: Station already worked, clarification

Bill Somerville

On 26/02/2020 21:37, Ryan Trullinger (KC0QNB) wrote:
I have the show DXCC, grid and worked before status checked, I have seen callsigns show up that I know that I have worked, before, what differentiates worked before status from a standard green CQ line? I'm a newbie, but it would make sense to make a worked before. I don't see an option in the Decode Highlighting dialog, to do that. I am looking at the manual this very minute, but not finding what i am looking for.

Ryan, KC0QNB, DN90WW. Gothenburg, NE
Hi Ryan,

the WSJT-X highlighting logic does not specifically highlight worked before stations, it highlights stations calling CQ or QRZ that you may want to work. If you enable the "New Call" and "New Call on Band" highlighting then you have the information you need. Worked before stations will not be highlighted as new calls, i.e. their CQ calls will be highlighted with the "CQ in Message" colouring (light green background by default).

Note that you get more information with this scheme that simply worked before. If a station has been worked before but not on the current band then you get the "New Call on Band" highlighting. If a station has not been worked before on any band then you will get the "New Call" highlighting. Optionally you can filter highlighting by the current mode or you can consider all modes as equivalent.


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