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Ken - K4XL

All of your questions...and probably some that you haven't thought of can be answered by having a quick read of this manual:
Ken - K4XL

On Wed, Feb 26, 2020 at 11:53 AM John Morphet <jmorphet@...> wrote:
I am new to using fox and hound. I was trying it out yesterday. In hound mode, WSJT-X would transmit the TX1 message a few times and then stop. Is that normal? Should I just enable transmit again?

I also noticed that fox was changing frequency. What would be the best way to adjust so that the RX Frequency window will show what he is doing? Normally I would just double click on one of his calls, but I am not sure if that creates problems in fox and hound mode.

John, WØZI

Ken - K4XL
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