locked Re: Start-Time and End-Time of a FT8 QSO #FT8

Bill Somerville

On 26/02/2020 16:12, Steinar Fremme wrote:
Sure I can , but why should it be necessary - I classify it as a bug in functionality.

And yes - I just set the start time - 1 minute before end-time - and then all is ok.

Now when I know about - i'm checking everyone of them  -
and even started to edit old logs in QRZ - and are getting quite a few new confirmations - now that I'm aware of it.

But when you have a pile up - it takes time - and easy to overlook - and should not be necessary at all.
I have close to 17.000 FT8 QSO's now - and when the conditions on 20m is as it has been a few days now - easy to overlook this problem.

Also to mention - I have other QSO's in between the two with the same station - and impossible to remember if I have seen this station before today.

Well , that is my meaning anyway - and I still do classify it as an design flow 

73 Knut OE4KSF


this will only happen if you have no intervening QSOs.

If you abandon a QSO then hit the ESC key, this will forget the abandoned QSO details.


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