locked Re: Start-Time and End-Time of a FT8 QSO #FT8

Jim Cooper

On 25 Feb 2020 at 21:45, Steinar Fremme wrote:

> When I then look at the entries I
> find that the start-time for the log
> entry is the start time for the
> FIRST QSO, that did not succeed , and
> the end-time is the end-time for the
> QSO that did succeed

when the WSJT-X "Log QSO" window
pops up, there is a place to show both the
start and end time of the contest.

Why don't you just edit that before
you click OK ?

The problem I see is that you do not know
what time the other station is using to log
your exchange, but it is probably closer to
your END time ... since that is when the
contact is actually "real".




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