locked Start-Time and End-Time of a FT8 QSO #FT8

Knut Steinar Fremme OE4KSF

Start-Time  and End-Time of a FT8 QSO
I have been using WSJT-X together with MacLoggerDX for a year now, and wherry happy about how it works.
But I have been a thing that I have not understood for a while, and that is why some of my QSO when sendt to QRZ was not confirmed when they should.
Yesterday I found the reason.
If I first have someone calling me, but in bad conditions and he is not receiving my RR73 or I’m not receiving his 73 
Then after 3 hours we try again - and at this time we do succeed - and RR73 + 73
I’m sending the QSO to MacLoggerDX - that again is sending the entry to QRZ and LoTW
When I then look at the entries I find that the start-time for the log entry is the start time for the FIRST QSO, that did not succeed , and the end-time is the end-time for the QSO that did succeed 
And when the caller is sending his entries to QRZ and/or LoTW - there is no match - because of the wrong Start-Time 

Regards and 73  Knut  OE4KSF

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