locked Re: Set up cq for specific area

Bruce Goldstein

I use 'directed' FT8 CQs quite often with mixed results....

I need Delaware on 15M for WAS and a CQ DE WA3AFS FN32 does not work very well as the DE is misunderstood a bit of the time and the result is that my log is filling rapidly with a lot of PY qsos (which I do not mind).  CQ DEL WA3AFS FN32 ends up with the same result!

I also need Vermont on 30M and even though I can just about see Vermont from my QTH I seem to collect a lot of EU qsos when CQ VT WA3AFS FN32.

 -- Bruce Goldstein, WA3AFS

   AEC, Albany County

    ASEC, Eastern NY

    SKYWARN Regional Coordinator, NWS, Albany, NY

     Net Manager, ENY ARES/RACES Section Net


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