locked Re: Problem with my station

Phil Davidson

I would look at your audio input levels ‘on the screen’. 


Are you seeing distinct FT signals displayed with clear (no noise) areas between?


If yes then the audio input on RX is too high !


If not then look elsewhere.


Using another interface wont give ‘good’ audio.  Just have a listen using a headphone.


You might try another receivers output by using an ‘on-line’ receiver in a another location.


Regards – Phil (G0DOR)


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From: Augustine Brace
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Subject: [WSJTX] Problem with my station


I only seem to get a qso average 15min on average. After a while on 20m I keep seeing the same stations on the band no new stations. It can't be the antenna or my noise floor( its a S3 to S1). What do you think is the problem? Is this normal. As well my signal reports or -10 to-20 on the east coat using a end fed antenna facing west to east. Is that good. I also plan to get a signalink to see if my audio is getting distorted from the computer.


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