locked Re: Problem with my station

George J Molnar, KF2T

If your time and audio quality are good, there are a couple of other things to check.

1) Is your rig stable? Drift will kill decodes.
2) How much power are you running? Extremely low power will not be as effective as moderate levels.
3) What are band conditions? If you’re running 10 meters at night, getting 1 QSO in an hour is great. 
4) Look at your antenna efficiency. Effective RF grounding is essential for good performance with ANY antenna. Quality coax with the shortest possible runs does wonders.
5) What does PKReporter.info or Hamspots.com say about your coverage?
6) Sorry if I missed it, what is your call? Happy to test on the air if you like.


George KF2T
Virginia, USA

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