locked Re: Installing WSJT on Windows 10 computer


You have been listening to the wrong people. I bought a new computer with Win 7
about five years ago, I waited till the last minute to migrate to Win 10. I had
no issues what so ever and I think you will find that if you have a system that
is made of name brand components and capable of running Win 10 reasonably
efficiently, you won't either.

Get yourself a USB memory stick of the recommended size, label it Win 10
Install, just in case, put it somewhere safe and easily remembered.

Backup your present system then do the Win 10 install, you will need your Win 7
license code to activate Win 10, yes it is valid for Win 10 as MS is offering
the move to Win 10 free for those who have a valid Win 7/8 license, key word
here is VALID.

For anti virus, MS Defender is great and comes with Win 10, no need for the
Norton Virus at all, or any other anti virus software come to think of it.

Here's a thought, if your Win 7 machine is "beginning to fail", wouldn't it also
be "beginning to fail" under Win 10? Hardware failures are not generally due to
an operating system.



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Date: February 24, 2020 at 10:22 AM

My Windows 7 computer is beginning to fail...it has met all my ft8 needs well
and for some years...

As I move to Windows 10, I think I’ve heard that installation issues sometimes
arise. Any tips, considerations, things to look out for? Feedback from recent
experience would be highly valued.

tnx in advance Eli, N6PF

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