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Sorry should of said mostly ft8 and some ft4 but ft4 is worse

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What mode are you using as this can have a big influence on the activity?
FT4 and FT8 have in my mind killed off the other data and WS modes so only the die-hard supporters of those modes are active.

I gave up data modes because of this.









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I only seem to get a qso average 15min on average. After a while on 20m I keep seeing the same stations on the band no new stations. It can't be the antenna or my noise floor( its a S3 to S1). What do you think is the problem? Is this normal. As well my signal reports or -10 to-20 on the east coat using a end fed antenna facing west to east. Is that good. I also plan to get a signalink to see if my audio is getting distorted from the computer.

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