locked Re: Why NO RRR Option for TX4 for FT4 in WSJT-X v 2.1.2? A Little Nerve Racking

Frode Igland

Chuck and Thomas,
I believe the original problem of RR73 or RRR in FT4 and FT8 was linked to contest modes. In ordinary operation, if I close WSJT-X with FT4 as mode and RRR in Tx4, QSJT-X will open with RR73. The same applies to the contest settings "NA VHF Contest" and "EU VHF Contest". For that matter, FT4 in Fox mode and Hound mode will also reopen with RR73 even if closed with RRR, but then again FT4 was never intended, nor programmed, for DX-pedition mode, and Tx4 is not used by in DX-pedition mode Hounds, and is very different for Foxes, so that is not an issue deserving much attention.

In contest setting "RTTY Roundup" only RR73 is available and it is not even possible to toggle to RRR.

I don't know whether this is deliberate programming or an issue to look into, but in any event it is a small task to double-click the Tx4 radio button to toogle to RRR when opening WSJT-X with FT4 as the selected mode. That double-click is not much to ask of an operator in an otherwise quite automated mode. RRR will ensure that you receive your QSO partner's confirmation of all parts of the QSO before you log, and as long as none of the operators log the QSO before sending their 73 (not on RR73) is received, the high number of Not-In-Log errors in FT8 and FT4 contest contacts will be substantially reduced.

73 Frode LA6VQ

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