locked Re: Apologies

Michael WA7SKG

Reminds me of when my obituary was published in the local paper a couple of years ago. First I knew of it was when I got a card from a lady who does estate settlements. I asked who died and she stammered and said "Umm, you."

Everybody was really surprised when I walked into church that Sunday.

Small town, but nobody knew there was another person about the same age and description with the same name.

Michael WA7SKG

Tony via Groups.Io wrote on 2/21/20 2:04 PM:

On 2/21/20 11:22 AM, Don Hill AA5AU wrote:
Earlier this week I announced that Tom Morrison, K5TM, had passed away. Fortunately he is still alive and well and my announcement was in error. I just heard from him today. ...
I believe it was Sam Clemens who stated "Rumors of my death have been highly exaggerated."

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