locked Re: Computer to radio connection YAESU 857/897

Frank Mellott

Good afternoon

I have an 857D which is set up like the 897D.  Do you happen to have an antenna tuner attached?  I have an LDG YT-100 and has a spare CAT port so that you can connect the tuner and CAT simultaneously.  On the rear of the radio you have a DATA jack for the Signalink and the CAT/linear jack for the CAT computer cable.

So yes, you can connect CAT and Signalink simultaneously.


I started with a Rigblaster plug and play.  Supposedly awesome sound card, but I could not get it to work with my 857D and in my internet searches no one else could either.  The Signalink definitely works and I have have made several contacts with it. With FT8 before version 1.9 CAT was recommended but not required. When I switched to 1.9 CAT was pretty much required and I could not figure out the proper settings for the 857D and Signalink to work with WSJT-X 1.9.  I am half convinced I may have a bad CAT port, but even more convinced the problem is with the operator.

The linear jack for the CAT is on the back closest the power cable. The one to the right as you face the back is the data jack for the Signalink. They are very similar but not the same plug.

One of my winter/spring projects is to get the 857D and CAT to work. Been over a year since I messed with it.

The newer FTDX1200 is much more computer/CAT friendly and I have a few hundred FT8 contacts on t.  but the now 15 year or so old 857/897 family takes a little more work it seems.



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