locked Re: 60 meters: Operating guidelines for FT8

Richard Bertrand Larson

So if I tune my radio to channel 3 @5357.0 mhz with a center frequency of
5358.5 mhz using FT8 . The FT8 modulation scheme is 8-FSK i.e. an 8-bit transmission using 8 different audio. The tones separated by just 6.25 Hz, giving an overall transmission bandwidth under optimal conditions of 50 Hz , so my question is with a data BW of 50hz then with a BW for the channel of 2.8 khz should it not be very easy to be in overall BW compliance ????

On 2/21/2020 7:41 AM, Ria, N2RJ wrote:
I’m not aware of any complaints by the NTIA against radio amateurs for using FT8 on 60m.

The volunteer monitor program nor the FCC are sending out violation notices. I keep abreast of enforcement issues and I’ve asked numerous departments at ARRL. This isn’t a concern with anyone there.

ARRL doesn’t have any awards for 60m contacts. So anyone doing 60m contacts there does it for their own enjoyment.

Ria, N2RJ 


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