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Hi Mike:

My name is Tom and my call is N8TL. I wanted to pass along to you some information that you might not be aware of.  The previous owner of the W8DN call sign was Russell Flora from Sylvania, Ohio.  Located on outskirts of Toledo.  In my  teen days, I would attend Mobile Radio Club meetings at Russ's garage. Russ was a good friend and Ham Radio Mentor. His primary mode was AM on 160 meters. There were a lot of 160 meter mobile hams in those days.  This time frame was the late 1950's to the mid to late 1960's.  Thought you might be interested in the history.

Regards, and, 73,  Tom N8TL

On 2020-02-21 11:43 a.m., Mike Rhodes wrote:
Signalink does nothing more than provide the audio component for digital modes. To read the frequency and/or control your radio will require CAT connection and appropriate interface.

Mike / W8DN

On 2/21/2020 9:11 AM, Richard DeRose wrote:
I am using a PC with Windows 10 and WSJTX connected to a ft897 through a signal link. I cannot get the computer to connect to get the frequency. What settings are required.?

Dick DeRose

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