locked Re: 1 minute Re: 60 meters: Operating guidelines for FT8

Ria, N2RJ

The source code is open, and many will just reverse engineer and disable this. Not everyone uses WSJTX for FT8 anyway. Not many of the full auto robot guys. They use their own software like MSHV or WSJT-Z which is a fork of WSJT-X.

JT and the dev team have taken out 60m from the default frequencies anyway. People are adding it back in themselves or using other software.

The only real solution is to use one of the other channels, until another DX channel opens up or we get rid of channelization.  Some countries do not have channelization on 60m. In 9Y I can use 1.5kw from 5.25 to 5.45MHz without restriction. It’s just another HF band.

There is no ARRL award for operation on that band. So there is less incentive to operate there anyway. 


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