locked Re: 1 minute Re: 60 meters: Operating guidelines for FT8


This is another opportunity to use Bill's quote:
"...no one should be mindlessly blasting through QSOs without adding in their common sense and operating skill." -Bill Sommerville, G4WJS, [WSJT-X reflector, 2018/09/25/14:12 UTC]."

Let's keep the burden of complying with the regulations squarely where it belongs: on the operator, not on the developers!

That said, I'll add Bonnie's own quote to my list (thanks Bonnie):
"5357 is the ONLY international Amateur Radio Service channel on 60 meters.
Be nice to it. -Bonnie KQ6XA"

With kindest regards,
Kai Siwiak, KE4PT

On 2/20/2020 17:02, Bonnie KQ6XA wrote:
Solution: The developers of FT8 can add a lockout feature in FT8 for 1 minute of silence at the top of every 5 minutes, when tuned to 5 MHz.

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