locked Configuration cloning/copying version 2.1.2 vs 2.1.0

Esa Nieminen

I wonder what I am doing wrong because I cannot clone configuration when using wsjtx version 2.1.2 and KDE
similarily when using wsjtx version 2.1.0 and Ubuntu 18.0.4.
I made the first configuration by setting general, rig data and mode FT8 on 40m. Then I tested it and it was OK.
I cloned it and  switched to it and it was OK. I changed mode to FT4 on 40m and it was OK., renamed the first and switched and it is OK.

Now I am  trying to do the same  using wsjtx version 2.1.2 and KDE.
I did as before but both clone and copy saved nothing.
I tried to delete extra configurations but they pop up every time when restarting the progam.
What is wrong or what am I doing wrong?

The last active configuration is OK when restarting the program.
73 de OH2AWG, Esa N

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