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Hasan Schiers N0AN

Al, you must have missed this from the same thread you are posting to:

This is from a Government Operator of one of the stations on 60 meters that has to put up with the current abuse of the 60m segment by US Amateurs:

"Should 60m activity continue as it has been over the last
few years, I suspect that we will be under scrutiny and asked to justify continued use of 60 meters.  I know this from personal experience as I operate one of those government stations on 60 meters on a recurring basis. Beware."
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Gary, K7EK

I would hardly say this constitutes: "nobody is paying attention"

Do  you think these government services have not noticed and are not taking note, of our abuse of the grant,  as K7EK indicates above?

So our operational philosophy is "Do what we like,even though we know we are likely causing harmful interference, so long as none of us get caught", and on top of that, we agreed to abide by the conditions of the frequency grant and and then break our word and willfully violate the terms as if that means nothing?

I sure hope you were making some sort of joke, because abusing our recently granted privileges in hopes of having them expanded in the future seems like a counterproductive approach.  ☺
N0AN, Hasan

On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 12:19 PM Al <almay8@...> wrote:

Shsssssh nobody is pay any attention to this. There have been no complaints so it is not causing any interference or you would have heard about it by now the less said the better.


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Take that up with the ARRL and what it actually means. If the freq is in use, you must desist. If you hear someone in qso on 1500 Hz already, you are not supposed to transmit. In any case, we are not to transmit at all , away from 1500 Hz. The rule is clear as  a bell. It's a dumb rule. But it's clear.


Read the items I quoted from the ARRL, NTIA and what was shared with the FCC about our digital operations on 60 meters. I didn't make it up and the CFR is NO HELP AT ALL, if the FCC and NTIA have issued interpretive guidelines, as well as the ARRL being asked to get Amateurs to comply.


Has the FCC been good with communications about this? No

Has the ARRL been well out in the open so we don't have to read silly stuff in fine print? No.

Has there been any enforcement of the interpretive guidelines or "fine print". No.


What I have been told, is that "It's coming"  (enforcement).


I shared it, do with it what you like, but don't say later, "No one every told us".

They did. They did a lousy job of it. But it's there.




On Thu, Feb 20, 2020 at 10:44 AM Jim Cooper <JTalert@...> wrote:

On 20 Feb 2020 at 7:54, Hasan Schiers N0AN wrote:

> 1. Only one station may transmit at a time.

TOTALLY ABSURD !   Technically impossible.

How can I tell if someone I can't hear is
transmitting on that channel ?


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