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Eric Pierce

I agree 100% with George. I am using one of these USB hubs on my ASUS (I5/8GB/1TB) office laptop, works great (using a different tower for WSJT-X, though). 
Also have a 22 inch monitor, full size keyboard and mouse plugged into the laptop so it works like a desktop, but I can disconnect it and take it with me for meetings, travel , etc. You can buy laptops with the power of many desktops, thy sky is the limit. Might make an easier sell to the XYL : - )
BTW, I got WSJT-X working with my new IC-7300 last week of Dec, and have made 675 FT4/8 contacts. LOTS of fun! Have 60 DX entities confirmed on LOTW, and some eAwards on QRZ and eQSL (including eWAC). Also a lot of nice eQSL cards from all over. 

THANKS to Joe WSJT and ALL the other contributors that have made these new modes possible, and the hams that post useful information and videos helping others to get going. I have gotten a LOT of help from this group. I have been "reading the mail" for months. 

My next step is to get things in place to try and build WSJT-X from source, and have a look inside, see https://physics.princeton.edu/pulsar/k1jt/wsjtx
In my early career I actually did real time programming in PDP-11 assembler and FORTRAN, but my programming skills are VERY dated and limited. 

One other thing, I know that some people have philosophical differences with some of the different logging / award sites and their operators, but why not submit your logs to all of them? It is free for accounts, and helps other hams collect awards (LOTW a bit of work to set up, but worth it, IMHO). I use https://www.logger32.net/ to auto log from WSJT-X via UDP and then use with https://www.n2amg.com/software/l32-logsync/ to upload each QSO in almost real time to https://lotw.arrl.org/ , www.eQSL.cc  , https://clublog.org/ and http://hrdlog.net/ .  I upload manually to https://www.qrz.com/ at least weekly. So IMHO it is VERY little effort to help others get fun out of the hobby. I find the new hams I have been mentoring really like the eAwards, really motivates them. Hope this does not start a flame war, maybe good topic for discussion on another thread  : - )
Eric Pierce

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