locked 60 meters: Operating guidelines for FT8


On 2/20/20 5:17 AM, Hasan Schiers N0AN wrote:
Again, ARRL have *on multiple occasions* reported communications from
FCC Enforcement staff (and NTIA who are responsible for the "60 M
band") reminding US licensed amateurs that 97.303(h) requires using
*identical* audio frequency and carrier offsets so that the transmitted
signal is centered exactly on the middle of the assigned "Channel" -
not generating a random offset within a 2.7 KHz "band".

IMHO, this discussion of operating FT8 on 60 meters deserves its own thread.

 From looking at the waterfall display (Wide Graph),
it seems to me that a FT8 Tx frequency of 1500 indicates signals from
'dial frequency + 1500 Hz' to 'dial frequency + ~1548 Hz'.

The get TX signals centered on 1500 Hz,
 would it not require setting WSJTX to 1476 Hz ?


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