locked Re: Computer recommendations

Michael Pittaro

+1 for running a NUC on 12V.  Just watch your power cable size - the peak current goes from like 3A at 19V to 5A at 12V. The coax power cable from the stock PSU won't cut it.

As for choosing a PC, start with what you need, and work from there.  Number of ports and types, storage (250 GB is more than enough).  8-16GB of RAM, with 8 as a minimum these days.   Touch displays still add a premium to the price, but that's a matter of personal preference.  

Form factor is worth thinking about - laptops and convertibles win for portability, but they are mostly a fixed configuration.  A Real computer with external display, keyboard, and mouse gives you more flexibility in where you put things.  You can also defer purchase of a bigger display to later, which helps with cash flow :-)  There are some nice  'small form factor' PC's out there, so you don't need a huge tower chassis. 

Once you have requirements, it's a lot easier to shop and compare.  Look for sales - the US President's Day sales are mostly gone, but there will be more.   

mike, kj6vcp

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