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Bruce N7XGR

This is from, 47 CFR Part 97 - September 23 2014-2

(h) 60 m band: (1) In the 5330.5-5406.4 kHz band (60 m band), amateur stations may transmit only on the five center frequencies specified in the
table below. In order to meet this requirement, control operators of stations transmitting phone, data, and RTTY emissions (emission designators
2K80J3E, 2K80J2D, and 60H0J2B, respectively) may set the carrier frequency 1.5 kHz below the center frequency as specified in the table below. For
CW emissions (emission designator 150HA1A), the carrier frequency is set to the center frequency. Amateur operators shall ensure that their emissions
do not occupy more than 2.8 kHz centered on each of these center frequencies.

It only states that CW is to be set at the 1.5 KHz center frequency point.
The last sentence is the boundary limit for phone, data and RTTY emissions.
Notice what is missing in the sentence for CW emissions, it does not include
data and RTTY modes.
If the FCC wanted to specify that the transmission of CW, data and RTTY they would have
worded it that these will be on the channel center frequency like in this case 5358.5 KHz.
Take 2.8 KHz divide by 2 is 1.4 KHz.  Center channel is 5358.5, subtract 1.4 KHz, is 5357.1,
add 1.4 gives you 5359.9. The limits are 5357.1 to 5359.9.  Notice the 2.8 KHz centered,
that to me is the reference point for the limits.  We are staying within these limits.
I do believe by now that the FCC would have sent notice and the ARRL will then issue
a bulletin informing all US Hams to cease FT8 activity in 60 meters especially on channel 3 (5357 KHz)
unless the transmission is on 5358.5 KHz or 1.5 KHz on the waterfall when the VFO is on 5357 KHz.

Bruce  N7XGR

On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 10:14 PM Herb Blue <WB8ASI@...> wrote:
I will practice my whistle to stay on 1500.
On February 19, 2020 at 10:04 PM Hasan Schiers N0AN <hbasri.schiers6@...> wrote:

According to the precise definition in the rules the entire 2800 Hz spectrum is NOT AVAILABLE!

Only one frequency is permitted and that is 1500 Hz. No moving around, no spreading out, period. Applies only to USA stations.

That is exactly what I was warned about. The rule is clear and it is equally clear it was not being enforced. It is going to be enforced, that is what I was told. 

Take it for what it's worth,  I have no investment either way.

73, N0AN 


On Wed, Feb 19, 2020, 6:39 PM Bruce N7XGR < n7xgr1@...> wrote:
Then what we all need to do is start doing this,
These people communicate by whistling tones that is understood by the receiver.
This seems to be the same as the FT8 tones.  What is the difference between a whistled tone and a FT8 tone?
We can whistle tones anywhere in the 2800 Hz USB transmit bandwidth.
What about other countries?  Will the FCC enforce this to countries outside of the US boarder?

Bruce  N7XGR

On Wed, Feb 19, 2020 at 7:09 PM Hasan Schiers N0AN < hbasri.schiers6@...> wrote:
Re: 60m

Be very careful about 60m in the USA. The spread of FT8 activity away from 1500 Hz may well be in violation of FCC rules. I received a warning that enforcement of this rule was going to start shortly with the onset of the new ARRL Monitoring program, wherein violations will be forwarded to the FCcCfor enforcement.

I'd be careful.
73, N0AN


On Wed, Feb 19, 2020, 4:26 PM K8BL BOB LIDDY < k8bl@...> wrote:
As long as we're discussing the Frequency List, I noticed that doing
the Reset does not provide the 60M Frequency for FT8.

I've inserted 5.357 MHz in my List. There is a fair bit of activity there
and many DX Stations to work nightly. It's easy to find a clear spot.

73,    Bob  K8BL


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