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Hi Gary,
It's not so much about how good my computer is (they're all good, mine is at the low end of the scale), as it is about what's running in the background that steals focus away for WSJT-X.
Virtually every modern computer that you can buy these days is more than sufficient to the task - as long as its not bogged down in background tasks.  You can easily see the effect of stolen focus by letting 'time.is' run. See how often it hesitates especially on start up, then quickly catches up on its time display.
My example was that, when even a simple low-end lap-top is unburdened of time-stealers, it is more than enough for WSJT-X portable operations (JT65, JT9. and more rarely FT8 in my case - I have no experience with MSK144, but it sounds like my machine won't cut it in that case).
I don't know how to manage the Windows OS to force temporary real-time priority for WSJT-X, other than to temporarily stop antivirus and stop internet access and stop many other background tasks including Windows updates and other file management tasks during WSJT-X operation.

Kindest regards,
Kai, KE4PT

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It doesn't take much of a computer to run WSJT-X, but you do have to manage what else is running in the background, and what else is stealing focus away from WSJT-X. 
Again, I would urge all of you commenting on how good your computer is with WSJT-X to not just go by how it runs on FT8.  Are you going to stick to FT8 the rest of your life?  The most intensive mode in WSJT-X is NOT FT8.  If you ever get interested in meteor scatter, you’ll want to move to MSK144.  Stick your mode on MSK144 and go up on six meters (50.260) and listen for awhile.  You will see a “gauge” showing processor loading for each 15 or 30 second receive cycle.  It will surprise you how much power it takes.

Many systems won’t hack it, especially when you go to DEEP DECODE.  The handwriting is on the wall, and just like other things, the programs are going to require more and more horsepower as time and programming knowledge and ability move along.

Build the best computer you can afford, and know that it will work awhile before passing you by.  If you don’t, you’ll just need to do it again sooner.  Been there, done that!

73, Gary - AG0N


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