Locked RTTY Roundup: Call for photos and plaque sponsors

jeff stai wk6i <wk6i.jeff@...>

I do have a few nice photos for the QST article but could use more. High resolution photos get published in the magazine! Please email photos to me directly. 

(I can still take stories too, if you haven't sent them yet or posted them to 3830.)

Also - sponsor a plaque! It costs $80 to sponsor a plaque. You'll get recognition in QST, earn the admiration of your fellow hams, enjoy the warm feeling you get when you give something back to the ham community, and receive the appreciation of the recipient. Talk about a bargain!

Please do not email me, instead contact contests@... for availability and to secure your spot.

(I understand that DX SOHP, DX SOLP and DX Multi HP are already taken. There are also many Divisional slots available. I'm not sure if they will be able to do anything like an FT only plaque but if you are interested I would definitely ask!)

Thanks! jeff wk6i

Jeff Stai ~ WK6I ~ wk6i.jeff@...
RTTY op at W7RN
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