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Sam Birnbaum

Hi Bill,
I was really scratching my head trying to figure that one out.
Glad I waited for your second email.


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On 16/02/2020 23:52, Bill Somerville wrote:
On 16/02/2020 23:40, Michael WA7SKG wrote:
This is fine for some states, but currently, the Field Day mode limits the transmitter number to 22, so the report would show no more than 22A OR. So, the WSJT-X program and the Field Day mode would not work for any state with more than 22 counties.

Might there be some consideration in allowing that number to go up to 99, assuming there is a two character limit? That would allow almost all states to use the Field Day mode for their QSO Parties. (Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, and N. Carolina have more than 100 counties.) Of course if it was possible to use three characters, those states could use it as well.

Hi Michael,

the FD number of transmitters ranges from 1 to 32 inclusive as per the FD rules. The data is encoded as 4-bit field so there is no possibility for expansion since 4-bits can only represent a maximum of 32 unique values.

Hi Michael,
I should clarify for those of you that are awake. Of course 4-bits is only big enough to encode 16 unique values, the actual encoding is in one of two separate message types, each with 4-bits for the number of transmitters. One message type is used for stations with 1 thru 16 transmitters and the other for those with 17 thru 32 transmitters. Effectively the number of transmitters is encoded in 5-bits for 32-unique values.

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