locked Crashing With WSJT-X Resolved

Hasan Schiers N0AN

This is an FYI for anyone running either or both WSJT-X and DXLabSuites. Neither program was causing the problem, neither was there any interaction problem between them, but something was terribly wrong with Win10 Pro that manifested as described below.

For the last couple weeks, I've been fighting daily hangs/crashes when running WSJT-X together or apart with DXLabSuites. X would crash/hang multiple times per day, typically with a frozen waterfall and no audio input on the thermometer. Sometimes other programs would die in the process (error messages would show up from them), but X always freaked out first.

I tried uninstalling X , going fully clean. (deleting all the associated directories left over after the uninstall,etc)

Nothing helped. Eliminating DXLabSuites did not help. Running X  even by itself always produced a crash sooner or later (minutes to a couple hours)

Running MEMTEST86 for 4 hours did not help (no issues with memory)

After several weeks of increasing frustration, and 3 crashes in about half an hour running MSK144 meteor scatter in X yesterday morning, I gave up.

Went into Win10 Pro, told it to do a full RESET (leave my personal files but kill everything else and reinstall windows from scratch)

It worked. No more crashes and it's been over 24 hours of running both X and DXLabs with no issues.

Lesson Learned:
If all else fails: start over. I had to reinstall everything I use and reconfigure, but it has been worth it.

...and I still have no idea what the real cause was, other than something very wrong in Windows 10 (my install thereof)  itself.

Thanks to Bill and Dave for pointing me in the right direction.

73, N0AN

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