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You could run the batch file using the task scheduler and delay N minutes after the computer starts up. It will then start with no intervention on your part and after the computer has settled out.




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It makes sense that all the startup apps might take away focus from the restartntp batch file. The key reason that Win 10 should not be used for deterministic applications. Sounds like my only solution would be to find a way to run it last, set the priority higher than anything else, or delay it long enough that everything else has finished (moving target). Alternatively, just run it manually from the desktop after starting has finished. I was trying to do it automatically because I sometimes forget (getting old) and then in the middle of a QSO, I notice my DT is too far off. This only happens when I first turn on the computer.  Give it enough time it will pull the DT in.


John, WØZI


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The Windows OS, and your virus protection software, have tons of tasks running in the background, especially at startup, that are steal focus away from time-sensitive operations that Meinberg, Tardis, and other time synchronizers provide. My suggestion is to wait a few minutes after start-up to let those background task finish, then run your time synchronizer.

Kai, KE4PT

On 2/10/2020 10:16, John Morphet wrote:

I am running Meinberg NTP on a Windows 10 machine. It is working well except when I first start the computer in the morning. I have noticed that when I start my computer in the morning the time is usually off by about a second. If I run the restartntp.bat (shown below) from my desktop, the time gets corrected. I have copied the shortcut to the restartntp.bat file to the Windows startup folder. I thought that would adjust my time every time I started the computer, but it doesn't seem to work. Does anyone know how to fix this?
John, WØZI
@echo off
REM ********** RESTART NTP SERVICE *************
echo Trying to stop NTP service:
net stop ntp
REM Insert a delay ...
echo Wait 10 seconds before restart ...
ping -n 10 > NUL
echo Trying to restart NTP service:
net start ntp




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