Locked Re: FT8 F/H TS850 settings

Willi Passmann


'Fake it' or 'Split' in the Radio tab of WSJT-X settings have nothing to
do with real split operation.

The only purpose is to keep your audio signal in the mid range of the 3
kHz bandwidth, in order to keep hamonics of your signal out of the FT8
range. If your TX frequency is at the low or the high end of this range,
your audio is corrected, but you are still transmitting on the frequency
of your choice: The changed audio frequency is compensated by the change
of the TX frequency that you observe.

Keep 'Fake it' active, no matter if FH mode or normal operation. The shift is intended, nothing to be worried about.

vy 73,
Willi, DJ6JZ

Am 06.02.2020 um 23:56 schrieb F6DKQ:

Hi all,

Can someone tell me how to set my TS850 with wsjtx in F/H mode.
I use a signallink interface and a cat cable (rs-232) to my computer
Apparently the "rig" setting for the split does not work. Should I use the "fake-it" setting ?

It seems to work so, I made a few qso's, but the erratic shifts of the VFO alwas frighten me
If the DX is on DF 539, and I'm calling on DF 1600 for instance, my VFO shifts by one Khz and my tx is right on 539 when I reply
I suppose it's normal, since I get a RR73...?
73, Guy F6DKQ


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