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Bill Somerville

Hi Dave,

there is no "audio" passed from the FlexRadio device to the controlling software, what is passed is probably wideband I/Q data, several lots of it for the more advanced multi-Rx Flex Signature rigs. The IF data is sent over a network connection and the SmartSDR software analyses that and demodulates it to produce one or more audio streams. Another software component called DAX routes that audio to virtual audio devices, it also handles audio streams in the reverse direction for Tx. I'm not sure how demodulated audio passes between SmartSDR and DAX but it is probably some interprocess shared memory or network protocol. Applications like WSJT-X simply subscribe to one of the Rx audio streams provided by the DAX virtual audio devices, or send an audio stream to one of the DAX's Tx virtual audio devices.


On 07/02/2020 08:47, Dave_G0WBX via Groups.Io wrote:


I'm not familiar with the Flex radio's, or that much with Win10 (yet, it's coming at work, we are told) but how does the "audio" from WSJTx and similar software, get passed to the Flex's controlling SDR software?

Could some virtual sound-card device, be getting re-enumerated when Winders restarts the display, and other things after a period dozing?


Dave G0WBX.  (Another Linux user, in the shack and the home.)

From: Bill Somerville
Date: Thu, 06 Feb 2020 13:07:46 PST

On 06/02/2020 21:01, AB8WD via Groups.Io wrote:

I will try this is only a start from but you r transmit starts with a com port even though it is virtual

the OP is using Hamlib FlexRadio 6xxx rig type as stated in his initial post, this uses a network connection, there is no COM port involved, virtual or otherwise.

Your screen capture shows a USB power saving option, that is not relevant in this case as all connections are networked ones.


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