Locked Re: Fox/Hound Operating Procedure

Jim Cooper

On 6 Feb 2020 at 18:43, Robie wrote:

1. I'm a hound calling a fox
2. the fox copies me and i move down to his frequency
3. The fox can't copy my response and after 3 tries i move up a
few hundred Hz.

Question: How long to I continue to call him after I've moved up?
When is it time to start over attempting to make a contact?
after the fox moves you, you should not be 'calling' them at
all ... the software will control what you your tx does.

if they NEVER come back to you again, then the 'time out'
depends on your patience!

otoh, you might find out later that they DID send their
RR73, put you in their log and went on to others -- and you
just did not copy their reply RR73 ...

for most DXpeditions, you can usually check their
ClubLog status and see if you are logged in -- at least
for those DXpeditions that upload their logs daily.


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