locked Re: FW: WSJT lock ups


This was a big topic back a few months ago.  In my case, the Flex folks suggested it had to do with latency in the driver interrupt code.  Do a search for "latency" and/or " WSJT decoding stopping".  In my case, after weeks of sleuthing, and a lot of watching "Latency Monitor" results, I found that Dell (my machine is a Dell XPS) had loaded a lot of 'customer experience' monitoring software that ran in the background.  There were/are lots of references to this issue if you do a more global search for sound recording glitches related to latency in the drivers getting out of hand.  I removed all of the Dell related entities from the Control Panel, rebooted, and haven't had a fault since.  I can't really swear definitively that this was the cause, since I was also making a few other changes (like reverting to a prior version of WIndows (I have since gone back to the current version), disabling some plug and play drivers (but not all).  But at least one other person followed those steps and fixed his problem as well.

Good luck!!


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