locked Re: Inconsistent Waterfall

Arnold Lausevich <nk9o@...>

Will be trying more ferrites.  Turning off antivirus and internet access next.   I don't think transceiver turned off will tell me much as thats what I need to see if it collects the signals, that one of this issues besides scrolling.  Thanks for help!

On Tuesday, February 4, 2020, 4:11:50 PM CST, Kai-KE4PT <k.siwiak@...> wrote:

The fault could be RF getting into your computer (ferrites usually clear this up), or Windows might be stealing focus with background tasks or other apps running in the background or accessing the internet. You can test and rule out RF by trying to send with the transmitter turned off completely. If the hesitation persists - Windows is stealing focus! For a test, turn off EVERYTHING (including antivirus and internet) except for WSJT-X.

Kai, KE4PT

On 2/4/2020 12:23, Arnold Lausevich wrote:
When initiall sending I notice the waterfall will be blank and recover at random sequence. This prevent me from connects if or when connected further contact sequencing. Does anyone know if its a program issue or maybe rf getting into my computer?
It will usually recover the waterfall after a few cycles......


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