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Adrian Fewster <vk4tux@...>

Thankyou, That is a start then. So is there a known source that can be compiled to replace, what must be an exiting binary within WSJT-X?

I shall have another look. iI am am using it in windows, but do have some experience with VS2017.

On 5/2/20 7:14 am, Bob Lewis wrote:

WSJT-x uses HAMLIB utility for rig control so there is no way to set custom commands in WSJT-x. I’m guessing that you would have to modify and re-compile the HAMLIB utility.


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I am surprised i have no response to this question ;


Is it possible to edit an existing cat command applied to a particular button, namely 'tune' in WSJT-X please ?



On 4/2/20 7:57 pm, Adrian Fewster via Groups.Io wrote:

Thankyou for WSJT-X. I run a KX3 with the software mainly on FT8 having a lot of fun.


I would like to customize the ‘tune’ button to set the CAT command ; SWT44 to its operation, and

not seeing a custom section for cat custom entries in settings, I ask please, if there is a configurable file I can access to make this change,

and if so it’s location and name please?




Adrian ,  vk4tux




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