locked Re: Strange F/H TI9A operation

Martin G0HDB

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 08:09 PM, neil_zampella wrote:

According to info on QRZ Now, they are running two rigs with FT8, I suspect what you're seeing are two separate operators working the band based on screen caps of the interchanges that I've seen.   One with F/H, and the other using regular FT8.


The 'frequency shifts' on the TI9A signals that I (and a friend) observed at around 1500z today definitely didn't appear to be the result of two separate transmissions; at times they were running up to five F & H streams and *all* the streams shifted upwards by 1500Hz on every alternate Tx cycle - this was exactly the same as observed (on a single signal) by the G3 referred-to in my previous posting.

The upward frequency shift of 1500Hz on TI9A's signal on every alternate Tx cycle would also explain why stations weren't receiving their RR73 message from TI9A - unless the receiving station had the 'Rx All Freqs' box ticked, the RR73 transmission from TI9A on say 1775Hz instead of on 275Hz wouldn't have been displayed (or even decoded?) at the receiving end.

Finally, I can't imagine why the TI9A team would want to be transmitting two separate FT8 signals on 14085kHz spaced only 1500Hz apart on 20m this afternoon.

Martin G0HDB

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