locked Re: WSJTX crashes on Raspberry Pi 4b - Puzzled....

Bill Somerville

On 23/01/2020 00:28, tony.volpe.1951@... wrote:
Right Bill,

Good morning.

We have some progress. I woke up in an armchair last night and checked and wsjtx had done its stopping thing and the terminal window it was started from has a clue:

[20200122 11:57:54.238 GMT D] D-Bus global menu: no
Assertion 're->data || re->memblock' failed at pulsecore/pstream.c:862, function do_read(). Aborting.

Something to do with a memory block failure. Is this a bit of bad memory on the Pi's wee memory card? They are notorious for having defective blocks.

If so, can I run some utility to scan the card and rule out sending data to bad blocks?

Many thanks

Hi Tony,

you seem to be confusing system memory and disk memory. Although system memory can be swapped out to disk temporarily when memory resources are scarce, a bad cluster on a disk (SD card for example) will not be the direct cause of a memory read error in an application. The error is more likely a program error rather that a hardware issue. Since the assertion that triggers in in pulseaudio I would guess that the defect lies there. All I can suggest is keep updating your system and look for pulse audio updates that might fix the issue. You could try raising an issue with the pulseaudio developers at https://gitlab.freedesktop.org/pulseaudio/pulseaudio/issues .


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