locked Re: Split Operation on IC7000 ... Cat works ... OmniRig not

Bill Somerville

On 23/01/2020 00:45, edpostiii@... wrote:
Here goes, running the following:
- Win10 Home v1909
- WSJT-X v2.1.1
- OmniRig v1.19
- IC-7000 with a SignaLink USB and RTS USB for CAT

When configuring for the Radio Tab, Rig = IC7100 and Cat Control Serial Port = COM5 (of course unique to my install), Split operation performs as advertised for all three options (None, Rig & Fake It), regardless of Mode setting of None or USB.

Now when we add the OmniRig v1.19 layer to interoperate with LOG4OM etc and configure the Rig 2 Tab in OmniRig for COM5 which is the CAT port for the IC7100, the all important Rig and Fake It options fall apart.

Regardless of where i am on the Wide Graph (waterfall) with Rig mode selected, the radio goes into Split mode (seems right), however, it seemingly does NOT send a VFO B frequency to compensate for where I am transmitting on the Wide Graph (lower decrementing the frequency by 50hz increments etc), it simply transmits on whatever frequency was previously in the radio VFO B memory, which could be a different band, not good.

When I select Fake It for the Split Operation option, the radio is no longer in Split mode (seems right) and the frequency sent to the radio for transmit seems appropriate for the transmit position on the Wide Graph ... for example transmitting at 800 on the Wide Graph on 40M FT8, correctly adjusts the frequency to 7.073 from 7.074, but when the radio comes out of transmit, it remains at 7.073 vs. being set back to 7.074.  Same thing happens in the opposite direction, clearly not a good situation.

Wondering if this code has been cracked yet by others here .. I did spend some time searching the archives but no joy so far.

Thanks in advance

Hi Ed,

what does "RTS USB for CAT" mean?

What PTT method do you have selected in the WSJT-X "Settings->Radio" panel? It should be "VOX" when using a SIgnaLink USB with your rig.

Try setting the DELAY knob on your SignaLink USB device to minimum.

Failure to correctly adjust the rig's VFO frequency when using "Fake It" split operating mode in WSJT-X is likely to be a CAT communications error. Check that you have disabled "CI-V Transceive Mode" in your rig's menu and check that RFI is not part of the problem by reducing transmitter power to minimum, or use a dummy good load to test.


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